Bible College

A Reformation in the Approach and Purpose of Biblical Education

Sola Scriptura offers the highest quality Christian education. All classes are taught at the college and seminary level. All professors hold earned degrees from top Bible colleges and seminaries. Diplomas and degrees will be conferred on all who fulfill the necessary academics and who display character qualifications befitting someone who will represent the Lord Jesus Christ.


$1000.00 per year covers everything--books, tuition costs, syllabus, study guides, and charts

Time Required

The goal is to take the student through every one of 1,189 chapters of the Bible in four years.  Students normally attend classes two Saturdays a month, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Degree Programs

The following degrees are offered: B.A. of Religious Education, B.A. of Biblical Studies, B.A. of Ministries, B.A. of Theology, and B.A. of Biblical Counseling.  Sola Scriptura Bible College also offers graduate degrees in similar categories.


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